Writing classes, publications, prompts, tips, & other odds and ends


Thank you for taking this small leap into the newsletter format with me.

Though I love photos of your cat and the ideal of “connection,” social media is exhausting, like shouting at a bar where everyone is shouting.

My aim here is to connect with people around a few specific things I’m doing and that you might be doing, too: writing, reading, and thinking about writing and reading.

No more than four times a year, I’ll send you a brief email with news about classes I’m teaching and/or that I recommend, writing I’ve published, something I’ve read and enjoyed, and maybe a writing prompt, anecdote, or bit of encouragement.

This is also where I’ll put updates about the possibility of a “non-MFA MFA” series of online classes, tutorials, mentorships, and meetups.

In the meantime, please share with anyone you think would be interested!

Thank you.